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Does L-Arginine cause erections and boners?

L-Arginine aids in producing Nitric Oxide (NO) a key molecule that helps the penis to become erect. Erections is simply increased blood flow to the penis. By widening the blood vessels with NO more blood enters the penis which gives stronger, longer lasting erections. Some men report having an erection over an hour after intercourse.

Is L-Arginine similar to Viagra?

Yes. Will it help with ED like Viagra does? Yes, most likely. It has been studied and proven to help rats sexually and erection quality. However in chemical compound structure, no. They are nothing alike. It can help men who struggle with Erectile Dysfunction to some extent similar to Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis.

Does L-Arginine help you last longer in bed?

Yes, most likely. Boosting your nitric oxide levels by supplementing with L-Arginine can help relax blood vessels of the penis and increase overall blood flow and erection quality. This was tested with male rats, and the older rats that took L-Arginine improved sexually. (Source)

What is the L-Arginine dosage for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

Between 1500mg – 4500mg, depending on body weight, and heart condition. L-Arginine has proven to aid with Erectile Dysfunction ED. Consult your doctor before supplementing. Do not take if you have heart issues or diseases, or anything blood pressure related.

How Long does it take for L-Arginine to work?

Typically within 2 hours. Can metabolize sooner if taken on an empty stomach such as in the morning or fasting state. Taking with food will slow down the breakdown of L-Arginine.

Does L Arginine Increase Penis Size?

Possibly, Yes. There is a study on rats that experimented with the long-term oral administration of l-arginine. Conclusion was L-Arginine does improve the erectile response in aging rats, and significant increase in erections health. (Source)